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Listed below are several examples of the many newspaper & magazine articles in which I have been featured as well as a few videos, including the Modern Masters TV show that was part of the HGTV network.
HGTV logo
In February of 2002, a Production crew working on episodes of HGTV's Modern Master's TV show visited our studio and gallery. I like to tell everyone that the crew locked me in my studio for 14 hours, and that's almost true. Click on the logo at left to view the original video and to read the original text I wrote about the entire process, click here.
I had a feature article in the December 2007 issue of the Sarasota Herald Tribune's Style Home magazine. The article was written by Nichole Reber and included several photos including two images from the large Stuart, Florida project. Click on the magazine cover to read the entire article at the Herald Trib's website (while it's still there). The article, entitled "Tricky Business", starts on page 20. Their website is sometimes really slow.........
TC Palm logo Skip Dyrda article 2007
In the summer of 2007, from June 11th until about September 5th, in the beautiful town of Stuart, Florida, I painted a series of public murals depicting various historical elements and figures. The local newspaper, The Stuart News, did a really nice article about the project. You can click the logo on the left to read that article (until they archive it) and you can click to see the very nice slideshow they made right here.
St Pete Time logo Joan Altabe, former arts critic for the Sarasota Hera;d Tribune and currently the arts editor for the Bradenton Herald, wrote an article about decorative art and specifically Trompe L'oeil for a magazine called In & Around The Home. The magazine is part of the St. Pete Times Newspaper. I was supposed to be a part of that article, and was, but was surprised to find that I was given the entire front cover! Click on the logo at left to view the article, entitled "Illusions of Grandeur" which starts on page six. Also see page three, "About The Cover"........
This article was titled "Trick of the Eye" and appeared in the Sarasota Herald Tribune December 10, 2005. I believe it mentioned 3 other artists but all four images were of my work. Not sure why that happened, but I'll take it. If you click on the logo at left, you'll go to the online version which has only two images, one of which is part of a 'sidebar' about the Crisp Building mural I painted in 2000.
Sarasota Style 2004 Skip Dyrda
Another Herald Trib piece, this one in the Style Magazine. It's called "Lost Arts" and mentioned gilding, floorcloths (my part of the article) and fresco painting. Clicking on the magazine to the left will open a new page on this site so you can see most of the article.
skip dyrda press reading eagle 2001 logo
My home town newspaper, the Reading Eagle, ran this huge article about me back in May of 2001, thanks basically to my mom, who wrote to them about what I was up to down here in Sarasota,Florida . Thanks mom! I miss you. So once again, click on the image to view the article. The images are fairly large....as I said, it was a huge article. I was very surprised and, of course, appreciative to the writer and editors at the Eagle.