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Yes....the show has been scheduled.....
June 11th at pm and again at midnight
Read below to see what the excitement is all about....
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In February of 2002, a Production crew working on episodes of HGTV's Modern Master's TV show visited our studio and gallery. I like to tell everyone that the crew locked me in my studio for 14 hours, and that's almost true.

What really happened was that they found out about New World Productions through the website. They loved the murals but really liked the floorcloths.....however when they found out that I painted the plywood floor of the studio/gallery to look like large blocks of stone with inset ceramic tiles, they were hooked.

So we blocked off the windows, I kept the coffee, tea and donuts coming, and we did take after take of dipping a brush here, dipping a brush there, me lying on the floor painting a frog, a brush, some spilt paint and the ever present red string. After lunch we visited three of my clients where they shot video of the work I did at those locations.

We returned to the studio around 4 p.m. and worked until after 10 that night, the last taping being a question and answer session with the camera focused directly on my tired face. I have to say it was really hard to concenttrate on answers and it will be interesting to see what the final product will be.

Three hours of video was shot in that 14 hours and that will be boiled down to about 7 or 8 minutes.

As of this writing, February of 2003, the show has been delayed twice and is still scheduled to air. That date is still apparently a secret. Check back here frequently to see if I have been given an exact date.....or email me.     Or....click on the HGTV link and then go to their link "Shows A to Z" Go to the Modern Masters link and you can figure it from there. And if you've read this far, thanks for being so interested.