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last update.....Thursday, March 11th 2004
last update.....Friday, March 26th 2004
  Welcome to our 'mural in progress' page. Here you will be able to follow along as I work on two large murals, each measuring approximately 12' x 30'. The house is located in beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida which is in the Florida panhandle, just west of Panama City Beach. RB is also about 10 miles East of Seaside, made somewhat famous by the movie "The Truman Show" starring Jim Carrey.
Somewhere on this website will be a collection of interesting links regarding the RB and Seaside area.
  The murals....probably one of the most difficult compositions I've encountered to date. The walls are located in the first floor hall, which is maybe 7 feet wide at the entrance and then narrows to about 3 feet at the staircase.  
So the idea is to show as much of the ambience and wonderful architecture of Rosemary Beach as possible, as well as the beach......
So feel free to follow along on this journey of paints, pencils, lots of sand, trials and tribulations...
Enjoy...and feel free to comment.
And if you return later, to see my progress, just click on the links to zoom you ahead a chapter or two.
Skip Dyrda